Reactive Dyes:

HE Dyes

These dyes posses higher exhaustion and fixation efficiency, which results in appreciable, cost reduction in comparison with conventional reactive dyes particularly for deep shades. These dyes are less sensitive to salt concentration time temperature and M:L ratio. These are largely employed for dyeing Cellulosic Knitting Fabric and Cellulosic component in Polyester/Cellulosic fiber blends be exhaust dyeing method at 80 - 85 C. These dyes are suitable for dyeing Hosiery, Knit Wear and Blends where Cellulose part of Polyester/Cellulose is to be dyed. High Fixation & high Tinctorial values hence economical to use. Excellent reproductively & good compatibility.

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HE Dyes
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ME Dyes
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